Newly Opened trekking

Newly Opened Trek the naturally pendent country Nepal is the prime point of disembarkation to the highly regarded wanderers for their passion on treks and expedition. Every year trekkers are chasing the same route throughout the time of treks and would felt monotonous due to the frequent of same bygone routes, which are almost congested and busy.

Even though, fresh and untouched trekking routes are coming across every year consisting with, more enthralling and doting moments. If one is seeking for more serene and non tourist trekking trails in Nepal, then we from Skyline Treks and expedition precisely impels you in the direction of recently inaugurated trekking routes of Nepal.

The recently opened trekking routes are significant for the travelers who assume they have already seen the paramount of Nepal. The previous and admired trekking routes are always flocked with trekkers and travelers. Whereas, an enthusiastic traveler allures for latest inspections; keeping the same in mind the Government of Nepal has launched the fresh trekking trails truly non-touristic and utterly possess privileged natural and cultural assortment.

The new and recently open trekking trail encompasses of walks in some of the most far-flung and isolated villages; the people and culture of these regions are absolutely unaffected by the outer-world influence. These trekking landing point ensure and compose some of the ideal imminent generation trekking of Nepal.

The gracious company Skyline has been disposing heartfelt trekking in some of the most accepted newly opened routes such as Dudh Kunda, Tsum Valley, Bhairav Kunda, Khair, Mardi Himal, Panch Pokhari, and Tamang heritage, all oasis are endowing a marvelous experience of this Himalayan country has to put forward. By hook or by crook, Skyline Treks kept their promises. For that reason why not get in touch with us to come and exposure the spectacular good looks ‘Nepal’ perpends by your inner.

Eventually, the Skyline Treks and Expedition by hook or by crook award their adorable clients a cream of the crop treks and Expedition in the country of Nepal and Skyline Treks wishes it would be nostalgic for their lasts a lifetime.

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  • bhairav kunda trekking

    Bhairav Kunda Trek

    Bhairav Kunda Trek among other fresh and recently opened trek, trek in the direction of Bhairav Kunda trek is one of the most prominent non tourist trekking series in Nepal…

    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate Himalayan Region. Max. Altitude: 4,250 meters to summit point. Season: March To May & September To December Is Finest.
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  • panch pokhari trekking

    Panch pokhari trek

    Panch pokhari trek placed at the region of sindhupalchok in Nepal and is one among the freshly instigated, not much more explored by the travelers is Panchpokhari trek…

    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate Himalayan Region. Max. Altitude: 4,050 meters to summit point. Season: March To May & September To December Is Finest.
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  • dudh pokhari Trekking

    Dudh pokhari Namunla Pass Trek

    Nepal Himalayas of Annapurna region, the most recent and untainted high pass and adventurous trek is recently launched is Dudhpokhari Namunla Pass Trek, above the sea level of 5560 meters of altitude the high pass is to be found…

    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate Himalayan Region. Max. Altitude: Elevation of 5,560 meter. Season: March To May And September To December Is Finest.
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