Langtang Trekking

We at Skyline Treks have been carrying out ourselves for varying treks among them trek to Langtang is one of the most extravaganza with fixed in the mind for our cherished clients. As the facets of the company trek to langtang is full of rejoice and tranquil due to the natural god gifted beauty, engrossing dense forest and the pristine faces of the snow capped with glacial mountains. We wish your trek to langtang would be nostalgic for your lifetime.

If you’re in the account of those wanderers who are running out of time to travel across the edges and corners of the allegorical Himalayan Kingdom. Then don’t you get anxious! We at Skyline Treks have an eminent trekking package in the direction of Langtang for you, which are only a few days long but still let you embark with relaxing beautiful mountains panorama coupled with diverse racial cultures. Trek to ‘Langtang Region’ is the most apt and tropical trekking package that will leave you bewitching with its awe-inspiring beauty and distinctive blend of culture and traditions.

You’re trekking region Langtang has a proximity to Kathmandu; Ergo, you can footslog so as to approach the point of disembarkation from a short vehicle ride from Thamel to the roadstead at Shivapuri, which connect with the series to the far side of the middle-hills countryside of Helambu valley. The region have been consisting myriad of seductiveness and preferences to subjection such as,Langtang, Gosainkunda, Helambu Valley, Panch Pokhari and Tamang heritage trail. Each of these well liked places of seductions can be integrated in numerous conventions to annex more pleasure and amusement to the remarkable trek.

Most essentially, since the Langtang region is also keep from harm as ‘Langtang National park’, it ensures variety of bio-diversity fasten together with right set of to see pine forests, prompt mountain streams, uneven rocks, grassland & pastureland disperse with daisies, wildlife and above all sky-high where you can feel the boundless happiness of sun kissed mountains and as well as you can feel the palpable moments of sun set on the lap of the mountains.

In spite of that, the region is the next-door trekking destinations from Kathmandu; the trail & routes prerequisite particular edicts and enlightenments. , primly, if you are proceeding in the direction of, for Upper Langtang, as it’s beyond the range of tea houses with no lodges around.

We at Skyline Treks have years of participation in designing superior and catchy yet safe with reliable trekking in and around the ‘Langtang region’, so swiftly, speak to us today to scheme a breathtaking with fascinating moment of your life in the Himalayan country of Nepal.

Available Packages

  • Langtang-Trekking

    Langtang Hiking

    Langtang Hiking the capital of Nepal Kathmandu has hold the excessive proximity with this Himalayan region Langtang Valley, for that reason your warm up drive 5-6 hours will approach you the good looks Langtang Valley…

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  • Langtang-Trekking-Season

    Langtang Trekking Season

    Langtang Trekking Season as the facets of the company Skyline Treks, there are some entice months for our valued clients to trek in the region of Langtang…

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  • Langtang,-Gosainkunda-and-Helambu-Trek

    Langtang Gosaikunda and Helambu Trek

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  • Langtang,-Gosainkunda Trekking

    Langtang Gosaikunda Trek

    Langtang Gosaikunda Trek is point of disembarkation for religious sake and as well as concerning to meticulous trek. This definitive Langtang Gosainkunda Trek is most eminent for the chapel lake Gosaikunda. Every year thousands flocks of Hindu pilgrims make this holy place as their sojourn…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Moderate To Strenuous Max. Altitude: 4460m Season: March To May And September To December
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  • Langtang-View-Trek

    Langtang View Trek

    Langtang View Trek your significant embarkation so as to near in the region of alluring langtang would be nostalgic for your lifetime achievement due to the well received gigantic beauty of the region…

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  • Ganja-La-Pass-Trekking

    Ganja La Pass Trekking

    Ganja La Pass Trekking the most enthralling with painstaking trek which is neighborhood from the capital city of Kathmandu. Trek to Ganja la is the majestic point for you and for your core belief towards the Langtang region for trekking…

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  • Langtang-Tamang-Heritage-Trekking-Trail

    Langtang Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail

    Trail so as to near Langtang Tamang Heritage Trekking Trail is principally significant trekking oasis spot in the region of Langtang for our valued clients. Tamang Heritage trail is comparably perfective and praiseworthy treks for all season…

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  • Short-and-Easy-Trek-in-the-Langtang-region

    Short and Easy Trek in the Langtang region

    Short and Easy Trek in the Langtang region short and proportionately easy trek in the langtang region put in demands endless of right set of circumstances to discern the classic Nepalese lifestyle…

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  • Langtang-Village-Trek

    Langtang Village Trek

    Lantang village trek is the closest trekking point of disembarkation from Kathmandu, only a short reliance of vehicle drive takes us to the means of entry point to hold out at the village…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Moderate To Effortless. Max. Altitude: 3440 meter of elevation. Season: Month Of March To May And September To December.
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  • Langtang-Valley-Trek

    Langtang Valley Trek

    Even though, Langtang Valley trek is equivalently sumptuous as trek to Langtang but most of the wanderers are passionate about the alluring prettiness and the encircled by high enormous rocky hills around the jewel valley of Langtang…

    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate To A Bit Painstaking. Max. Altitude: Elevation of 3730 meter. Season: Month Of March To May And September To December.
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