Short and easy trek in Nepal

Short and easy trek in Nepal the pendent country for its hidden treasure of natural beauty and the most aesthetic with worlds highest mountains are the abode in the country. Due to its graceful fame in the arena of spectacular trekking in the presence of world, the nature enrich nation bring forward almost certainly the out and out along with most excellent trekking right set of circumstances in the world with numerous preferences.

Trekking in the direction of Himalaya from the total visitors of 50% do the treks which is the anticipated data by Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). We Skyline Treks have been systematizing several of alluring both short and easy treks in Nepal.

Nepal, a small along with naturally arraying ‘Himalayan country’ is domicile to world’s eight highest mountains. The trekking trails to these mountains make up the most striking and amazing treks of the world. The trail makes one’s way through dense succulent forests, sweeping snow-capped peaks, gleaming landscapes, national parks and racial local villages. The trekking experience is purely one of a kind!

On the other hand, not everyone travelling to Nepal has ample time for long duration of treks, so keeping the same mind. We at Skyline treks and expedition have alertly packaged some of the incredible treks into easy and shorter ones’. So that, people with curtailment of time can also make their best effort for the trek!

Please, chase through the below mention list of our amazing short and easy trekking packages-

Available Packages

  • Best Nepal winter trek, best winter treks nepal, best winter trek in nepal

    Nepal come up with, best winter trek
    Scheduling to trek Nepal in the month of December, January or February? But with these winter season treks inclinations for trekking and hiking in the Himalayas one can trek in the massif all through the year…

    Grade: Easy-Moderate-difficult. Rating: Easy-Moderate-difficult. Max. Altitude: 3,840-5,365 meters. Season: December,January Or February.
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  • Ghanpokhara trekking | Annapurna Ghanpokhara trek

    Traditional customs are still followed during births, deaths, marriages and in other rituals. Age old cultural dances like Jyaure, serka, dohori, Ghatu, Sorathi, Jankri etc are performed on various occasions accompanied by different musical instruments and with the dancers in traditional dress…

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