Tour – whereas, every wanderers knows that Nepal is only that nation where, the dwelling of world’s highest hefty mountains Mt. Everest at the elevation of 8,848 meters is to be found. The nation have been arraying by jewels beauty of natural framework. Pendent and pristine of mountains, high rocky hills, lush dense forests with worthy of attention flora and fauna, crystal clear rivers, arduous trails, assortment of local people with their racial culture and tradition are the worthy of praise natural forte of the nation.

The breathtaking phenomenal outlooks are extremely benevolent to the trekkers and at all times those extensive views are alluring to the travelers. Besides, treks and Expedition we by the side of Skyline Treks and Expedition is endowing with glory days with reference to palpable Nepal.

Skyline Treks have been scheming some hotspots tour for their revered clientele around and nearby Kathmandu’ the capital city of Nepal. Your sounds great tour are respectively, Kathmandu Durbar Square Tour, Bhaktapur Durbar Square Tour, Patan Durbar Square Sightseeing Tour, Pokhara Valley Tour, Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour and Lumbini Package Tour.

  • Real Everest Flights

    Real Everest Flights

    Grade: Easy Rating: 5 Max. Altitude: Fly over 20,000 feet Season: End Of September To May.
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  • Maha Shivaratri festival

    Shivaratri Festival Tour

    Maha Shivaratri festival tour is a Hindu festival celebrated annually in reverence of the god Shiva. It is the day Shiva was married to the goddess Parvati…

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  • Teej Festival tour

    Teej Festival Tour

    Teej is the name given to an insect that can be seen in the monsoon rains. "Teej" also refers to the "third" day that falls every month after the new moon (Amavasya), and the third day after the full moon night of every month…

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  • Patan Durbar Square

    Sightseeing Tour

    Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the plaza in front of the royal palace of the old Bhaktapur Kingdom, 1400m above sea level.Patan is a one of the largest cities in Nepal and is located just across the Bagmati river from Kathmandu…

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  • Kathmandu-Chitwan-Lumbini-and-Pokhara-Tour

    Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini and Pokhara Tour

    Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini and Pokhara Tour the universal truth and the entire world are assuming that ‘Buddha was born in Nepal’ who inaugurates Lumbini as the most tranquil place of Nepal…

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  • Kathmandu-Pokhara-Chitwan-Jungle-Safari-Tour.

    Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour

    Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour the world Heritage site of Nepal and the most passionate and sizzling oasis to the visitors for magnificent tour. Chitwan is prominently renowned for ‘Chitwan National park’ and was accepted at the date of 1973…

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  • Kathmandu-Pokhara-Valley-Tour.

    Kathmandu Pokhara Valley Tour

    Kathmandu Pokhara Valley Tour is at all times propounding overwhelming tour for their beloved clients…

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  • Kathmandu-City-Tour

    Kathmandu City Tour

    Kathmandu City Tour is the hub point of attention for all the major preeminent part. It is apparently celebrated as presentation room of having life for Nepalese arts, culture and antique birthright eminent for the time archaic…

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