Bhutan Tour

Bhutan Tour all about touring in the ‘Tiny Dragon Kingdom’
‘The land of Thunder Dragon’, Bhutan holiday tour stands out from any country you may have seen yet. Selling tobacco and smoking in public is strictly prohibited and ‘chilies’ are regarded vegetables; Bhutan tour package is just unique! Also, don’t go by the size of the country, this tiny kingdom is full of surprises, an eclectic mix of culture, tradition and natural scenarios.

Seated high in the Himalayas, it is world’s last remaining Buddhist kingdom, the profound teachings of Buddhism is well-preserved and exerts a strong influence in all aspects of life.

Today, about 72% of the total land area is under forest cover and about 26% of the land area fall under protected areas consisting of four parks. As a result, Bhutan offers a wonderful raw and unexploited environment that is generally very much appreciated by international travelers. Due to its pristine environment and harmonious society, the tiny Kingdom of Bhutan is also known as “The Last Shangri-La.”

We at Skyline combine an exceptional trek with time to explore the cultural heritage of Bhutan in the company of the local guides.

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