Everest region Trek

Everest Region – The hefty name Everest is the prime combination of two words that is Eve and rest. Those both words have their own meaning and the words indicate dynamic and favor meaning. Skyline Treks and expedition gives an explanation of those words as this way. Eve- Before evening. Rest-ease up. As stated to Everest trek the words put well consistency between them and you could take a rest before evening in the course of your Everest trek.

As far as the Skyline Treks knows that there are few human beings left in this world, who have not heard the immense name of Mt, Everest and on our notion those who are the real wonderers they have a great enthusiasm to encounter with the trek to Everest. Everest Region Mountains requires a good fitness with strenuous feelings.

Our country ‘Nepal’ is often known for being the abode of ‘mount Everest Nepal region which is the highest mountain of the world standing tall at the elevation of 8,848 meters. That’s why the ‘Everest region’ holds the fame as the roof of the world, which has several other 8,000 meter high peaks to brilliance any adventurous rarity or a nature lover. Everest region Nepal lies in the eastern half of Nepal which offers plenty of trekking experiences in its palette.

From the well-developed trail to Everest base camp or treks to remote trekking trails to Everest; ‘Mt Everest region’ has something particular characteristics of treasure in store for all sets of wanderers.

Away from each other seeing an aesthetic heavenly of world’s highest mountain snow-capped peaks, ‘Everest region of Nepal’ observation holds so much more allurement. The Everest region has racial locals who still live the same lifestyle that they have been carrying out since their early encampment.

Trekking Everest Region Nepal like going back to time, and why not? From the vigorous green rhododendron forests, to never seen before Buddhist monastery arts, splendid glacial lakes, the trekking will transfix with its exquisiteness in every feasible ways.

Getting to the Everest Region

The salient attribute of the company Skyline Trek is to furnish a well statistics towards their cherished clients in the context of trekking and especially Skyline shows the notable way regards how to…

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Available Packages

  • Tashilaptsa-Pass-Rolwaling-Trek

    Rolwaling Valley

    Rolwaling Valley in the context of Everest region it is not only designed for Everest Base Camp trek. In the course of EBC trek all the wanderers could detect there many passes as Rolwaling valley trekking…

    Grade: Painstaking. Rating: Moderate Max. Altitude: 5,755m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Gokyo-Ri-Trekking

    Gokyo Ri Trekking

    Gokyo Ri trekking the largest glacier of the Himalayas Apex at the elevation of 5357 meters is located on the west side of the Ngozumpa glacier. Gokyo at the base of Gokyo Ri, is a hamlet of a few stone houses and one of the highest settlements in the world…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Moderate Max. Altitude: 5545 m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Everest-View-Trek

    Everest View Trek

    Everest View trek generally, trek to Everest is exclusively for spectacular views and sight of pendent mountains…

    Grade: Easy Rating: Easy Max. Altitude: 3870m Season: March To May And September To December
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  • Short-and-Easy-trekking-in-the-Everest-Region

    Everest Short trek

    In the course of Everest Short trek from the starting period to yet now all the wanderers are succeeded to bear the profound distinct god gifted beauty with them as natural beyond compare proffer for all their lifetime…

    Grade: Easy Rating: Easy Max. Altitude: 3880 m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Everest-Classic-Trek

    Classic Everest Trek

    Everest Classic Trek according to the euphemisms of Skyline the trek which consists myriad feelings for to exposure the natural allurement, moreover incredible scenery of the snowy capped mountains with its dome glacier is the classic trek in the direction of Everest region…

    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate Max. Altitude: 5545 m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Everest Base Camp trek

    Everest Base Camp Trek

    The Everest base camp trek ever since the gutsy human venture to catch the top of the Mt, Everest or to put their feet at the elevation of 8848m from that period yet now the daring climbers are staring and encountering with an altitude of the hefty Everest base camp trekking holiday…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Easy To Moderate Max. Altitude: 5545m Season: March To May And September To November
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  • Everest Mini Trek

    Everest mini trek is one of the most acceptable and eminent trek among other trekking destiny. Due to its considerable commerciality over the world all the trekkers wish to put their feet once in this region. Perhaps, Everest region is hub for all the wonders…

    Grade: Effortless. Rating: Easy With Effortless. Max. Altitude: 3,870 meter of elevation. Season: March To May And September To December.
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