Nepal is the best places to travel

Nepal is the best places to travel

Nepal is the best places to travel, As the shoulder season for many regions – with prices and footfall tending to be lower than they are in peak months – October is the ideal time for a stress-free jaunt.

You could gain some serious altitude in Nepal and Albuquerque, beat the crowds in Jordan and Cornwall, meet the Grand Canyon’s match in Mexico or hustle for a truffle in the hills of northern Italy.

Here are Lonely Planet’s recommendations for October travel, courtesy of our experts and Nepal is the best travel destination in bucket list.

Everyone has seen the news reports from the 25 April earthquake in Nepal, but most reports neglected to mention that most of Nepal was untouched by the disaster, including the most popular trekking areas. With the clearing of the monsoon rains, October is once again peak season for trekking, and the Annapurna region is a great, nay epic, place to start.

From the gateway town of Pokhara, which saw little damage from the tremor, classic trekking routes such as the Annapurna Circuit and Annapurna Sanctuary Trek climb breathlessly into the Himalaya, offering the kind of views normally reserved for mountaineers? Pokhara is easy to reach from Kathmandu, also fully open for business, and it’s easy to make arrangements for a trek on arrival. In the process, you’ll be performing a valuable social service, helping Nepal to rebuild after the disaster by investing directly in the local economy.

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