What makes a good trekkers?

What makes a good trekkers? – This question might often trouble any trekkers. In fact what makes a good trekker? As our assessment hundreds of trekkers trekking around the Himalayas of Nepal frequently questions us, we are grateful for a good trekker comes packaged with moral excellence. Couples of years we have spent in trekking, is no intimation of making an impression to these moral excellence. At times, these moral excellence show signs from the very opening of the trek. What could be these moral excellence?

We have listed below:
Before anything else, good trekkers are modest. They are overwhelmed by the mountains, the rivers, the pastures, and the forests. During the trek they put themselves alone for time-consuming moments immersing in the sights. They seldom concentrate in one sight. They not at all, scream that they are passionate about soaring mountains or they love lump of snow.

They purely adore trekking. No matter what comes with it, they confess it.
They in no way demand for things but are always enchant for giving. They share their lunch, their water, munchies and their gears. They never discriminate between little and aged or among their friends. They don’t notice the time of the day or the instant. They simply allocate.

In the same breath, they at all the times help. They consistently give a hand at a cost to themselves. They hardly ever call for help. They will call you what to do, what not to do or how to do the things. Also they with no shilly-shallying concede instruction.

Likely, they pack light. They in no way pack for “in case” moments. As if, on 12 days of Himalayan trek their luggage hardly cross 20-25 kilograms of per person and their own backpacks will cross almost 5-7 kilograms. This includes their woolens. They just pack prudently so that porter could transmit the luggage a bit easily. Almost they always hold their own backpacks.

They are able-bodied. They hike gracefully and in the long run trek contentedly. Partly, they exhaust and can carry on and keep energy to stroll around tea house or lodges or diverge from accepted routes. They greatly feel affection for doing all this.

On treks they eat meagerly. If the trekking days is long they crunch into a fresh fruits or munch some biscuits. At all the times they have a preference to eat at their tea houses. They are not the group that required russet or sweeties to expand their energy. They look as if to demonstrate their spirit from the undertaking in hand.

There are additional moral excellence that we may possibly take account to these. Nevertheless, they would be lean-to, to the hub significance that we have planned here. We have extreme enthusiasm to discern your estimations leaning on what makes a good trekker. Do share with us we are open every day so you can get answers to your questions any day of the week!

There are other virtues that I could add to these. But they would be extensions to the core values that I have listed here. I am curious to know your views on what makes a good trekker. Do share in the comments box below.

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