Latest updates: Skyline treks releases a fresh trek in 2017

Latest updates: Skyline treks releases a fresh trek in 2017.
To all intents and purpose, Skyline treks wishes you a very Happy New Year! We anticipate our entire clientele 2017 is replete with stirring explorations and some great treks! Here is a moving message from our senior trek leader Ang Ngima Sherpa – right from meadows of some new and fresh trek.

Before Skyline treks find against the new trek that we are launching, let’s look back on the year we have had.

It has been a major year full of changes. “The year 2016 was exciting for Skyline treks,” says Madhav Prasad Pandey, the founder and Managing director “Since we inaugurated latest safety practices, our treks have become safer.

At once I believe about our safety values are at a very high bar. Our trek leaders and support staff are cream of the crop — everyone have the feeling of to be a celeb! Our cooks are top-grade and they bake the palatable food. Because of the food people seem to be wanting to come on our treks. On the contrary, dealing with Everest region trek in the winter season was bizarre for our staff.

We had to adjourn some of our groups. Chola pass trek in December was a no show with the excessive snow department wanting to hinder the trail from December. But Skyline treks group are here to shoot the problems, and that’s what we’ll strive to put into service.

For my part, I have high hopes to 2017. There are plethoras of areas where we are going and getting in essential changes to trekking.”

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has up-and-coming.

Rapid updates: Rejoicing New Year with fresh snow.

The year 2017 is ongoing with the magic charm moment of snowfall of the season on all our slopes! Indeed, the weather gods were in jovial atmosphere. Our high altitude trek to Everest three pass, wherein trekkers experienced a whiteout and sweat blood with it on the slopes. The group in December couldn’t reach out at the summit because of severe snow obstruction on the trails and poor visibility. At the evening temperatures of the pass were falling to -2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

Skyline treks opens a new trek to different parts of the country.

Jaljala Trekking: This trek to Jaljala Hill is one of the state-of-the- art trek in Nepal Himalayas of Rolpa district. A galvanizing probe to Jaljala in the time of spring overtures trekkers an ecoteric terrain with a glowing floor of natural blooms, lush meadows and overgrown Rhododendron forests. At the longest of species of birds and wild life serving as leopard,bear,Musk dear,Antelope and wild boar are nestling in the region and is the top-notch charisma of Jaljala.

Trekkers can rejoice in with the all-embracing vistas of Mt, Sisne, Putha, Dhaulagiri Mt, Annapurna and so on mountains. Mostly the local settlements of Magar are sustaining this area and are very gracious to the trekkers. Besides, Mountains, hills, forests and other natural display trekking to Jaljala is a grand opening to observe the locals way of life and culture. Jaljalk trekking is as well a holy place for devotees so every year from different parts of the country pay a visit to Jaljala as their pilgrimage and many trekkers play a part with the followers.

Machhapuchhere (Fish tail) Base Camp trekking:

If seeking to make some newly found Base Camp trekking in Nepal Himalayas then Skyline treks point out to Machhapuchhere Base Camp trekking trails. One can delight in, with the persuasive spectacle of snowcapped mountains ranges, lavish flora, culture and lifestyle of the ethnic groups that put evocative impact on any trekkers to Machhapuchhre Base Camp trekking. The fresh trekking trail of Machhapuchhere Base Camp is discovered and developed through TAAN to take into custody to western regional Pokhara with the responsible goal to support Pokhara and its nearby trekking precincts.

The trail of Machhapuchhere trekking go beyond through the five most important village development committees, trekkers will entertain by several options of trekking and hiking actions. The best feature of this trek is you can lengthen or shorten of the trek that can be determined by trekker. According the trekkers interest and trekking duration we can modify this trek from 5 days or 10 days.

Tsum valley trekking: The valley that is to be found in northern part of Nepal in Gorkha district and so called as “hidden valley” is Tsum valley. The name Tsum is derived from the word “Tsombo” of Tibet which denote bright. As a result, the Tum valley is brighter. This inexperienced trekking trais heads up the Valley of Budi Gandaki River via natural and new countryside largly settled by the ethnic groups of Gurung. The part of the central Himalaya as Upper Tsum valley unlock from Chhokangparo, wherein convivial local Tibetan peoples greet the trekkers through their conventional Tibetan butter tea and local meal.

On behalf of, cultural possessions Tsum Valley is amazingly rich. The valley is snappy because of Buddhist monasteries,Chorrens and mani walls. You can explore the longest mani walls that is over 250 meters are at Dhong and Phurpe. Ahead of time,Tum valley have been caring for the doings of the great Buddhist yogi Chyuchin Milarepa and the legend about Guru padmassambhava walk around. People of this valley never massacre animals to the gods. Buddha Himal, Himal Chuli, Ganesh Himal and Sringi Himal has enclosed and festooned Tsum valley from all directions. The most fascinating aspects of Tsum valley is, the people with their distinctive culture and earliest genre painting that they chase until today.

Pikey Peak Trail : The less crowded Pikey Peak trail at 4,100 meters is interlocks with Chyabe peak from both east and west. Pikey Peak trails name is taken from the two names of Sherpas. On the month of July it’s a time of grand commemoration,where the locals hold in high regards to their family god, the eastern Chyabo Pikey, as pikey Hlapchen Karbu in the great gaiety.

The trail pass through Jiri-Chaulakharka-Ngaur to reach out at Pikey Hill region. A new trail go ahead from Pikey Hill to Phaplu via Paanch pokhari and Tamakhani placed north east the centre district of salleri. The Pikey hill is the most legendary for its dawning and gloaming panorama and one can take pleasure from the moving display of the peaks beyond the Kathmandu valley to the pure alongside with the range of world’s highest Mt, Everest, Makalu and Annapurna. As a result, the Pikey Peak trail summit gives an inexhaustible vistas of these world’s top Himalayas.

Number Cheese Curcuit Trekking : Known as the neoteric and ecoteric trekking routes in Nepal. Numbur Cheese Circuit trekking leads the trekkers on a scenic way through two river of Khimti and Likhu valleys hugged respectively on the foothills of Everest and Rolwaling province. The rich biodiversity varying from mild to alpine forests is populated by wild life like Red Panda, Musk deer, Himalayan thar, Snow Leopard and different species of pheasants like Lophophorus.

The charisma of glaciers and moraines by the side of with the spectacular panorama of the Himalayas that is, Annapurna, Manaslu, Ganesh, Langtang, Jugal, Rolwaling, Everest and Kanchenjunga extends to the curiosity of the trek. In addition the Number Cheese Circuit trekking trails recommends a nearest look at the existence and way of life of the local society such as Sherpa, Newar, Thami, Tamang, Yolmo and Majhi. If you are lucky enough to have snowfall while Numbur Cheese Circuit trekking you can have the stunning views and the surrounding peaks looked like there is a white sheet put on them-accenting the indents in peaks.

Trekkers’ Voice

Here is what our trekker from Machhapuchhere Base Camp trekking had to say!

“This was my first high altitude trek, and I’m glad I chose Skyline treks. The trekking guide, Sanjay, was always helpful. The local staff who cooked and organized other things for us were also wonderful people. The food was much better than expected – we were all set for sizzling dal-bhat most of the day, but were amazed to find a sweet Nepali dish! The most awesome surprise was the cake on New Year’s Eve. What’s more, it snowed on the last day of our trek! It was wonderful! Overall, it was a New Year to remember. I’m glad I started 2017 this way, and look forward to more adventures with Skyline Treks.” – Michael.

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