Age is not a wall for in the Mountains

Age is not a wall for in the Mountains – If your mind is ready, all goes correctly. prudent words anyone can speak. However, when it is implemented by a seventy year old man Albert who mounted Thorung-La Pass last year, then the words take on a new sense. “Age is never the problem, mind is,” utters who achieved this incredible deed without dictating his age be an obstruction.Albert septuagenarian resides in Russia and holds a industrial unit in the industrial area of the city. Though his son runs the factory, Albert still involves himself energetically and visits the factory daily.

He does not believe in a sluggish lifestyle and keeps himself fit with a variety of actions. Albert says,” I am a man of International human rights organization (IHRO) since my childhood. And fitness was never a trouble for me. I never touched a drop of fluid or held a cigarette in my hand. I do yoga exercises and every morning 5 km of jogging is my campaign. Albert is as well a passionate trekker having trekked to places like Altai,Bow Hill etc. And that perhaps possibly the cause, why the tricky moments of Thorung-La Pass did not come as a surprise to Albert.

Thorung-La pass is a trek of Moderate difficult. It is a high altitude trek that starts at 760 m/2492 feet from Besisahar and rises as high as 5,416 m/17,764 feet of Thorung-La pass in 12 days. So walking can befall exhausting as the trek headways. But this did not create a problem for Albert. He says, “I often hike 5-6 kilometres in my city. And I scale a 4,000 meters high mountain, two times a year. This suitability schedule worked as a excellent work out phase for me before the trek.” one more startling thing- every time he mounts the mountain, he carries a backpack that holds 5-6 liters of water, so as to water the plants in the trekking region. Acclimatization concerns did not knock him.

He says coolly,” I in no way took a single pill or medicine. I had previously trekked to 4,000 meters and so acclimatization did not agonize me much. In fact he narrates how he came to rescue a trekker’s life on the 7th day of the trek From Manang to Tilicho Lake. He says,” We were all walking in a line of narrow trail and a lady near me was talking. Unexpectedly she stopped talking. I detected that she was fretting abundantly and was about to fall down in the gorge.

I snatched towards her to keep save her from falling down. The chilly cold at Tilicho lake and Mesokanto la Pass Trek” world’s highest and charismatic lake” at 4,999 meters and the similar cold nights with temperatures bottoming out at 6-7 degrees below zero did not kick him downstairs. “Yes, it was freezing cold at Tilicho lake . And it was a special event. But I am an able-bodied trekker. I knew I would be able to withstand it,” Boldly Albert says. The snow in Thorung-La Pass can delaying the movement and can make this high altitude trek more intricate. Losing balance, descending and feet tumbling in the snow trail is a frequent experience. But Albert was primed for all this. He says, “I knew walking in the snow was going to be difficult.

But I had the rigid faith that I could triumphantly carry out the 12 days of Annapurna circuit trek. Furthermore I had those walking sticks with me that boost my bodily energy while I got exhausted of the time-consuming hike. Albert beliefs in life, “Death is sure for everybody. Isn’t it better to perform something adventurous and then die?” This mind set and his marvelous strength of mind helped Albert on the round Annapurna trekking journey. Some of the Thorung-La pass trekkers we met on the way and at tea houses did not think Albert could get done the pass high pass of Thorung-La.

But on the 9th and final day of making the high elevation of Thorung-La pass trek his trek leader and guide of Skyline treks became confident about Albert aptitudes, and told Albert, “ (Grandpa, you will arrive at your goal)”. And when he get to the summit of Thorung-La (5,416 meters) our entire trekking team was thrilled, embracing and elating him. “I was running 70 year of my life then.

I think most of out mate were uncertain about my shape, which was evident! Even though because of the backing from my trekking member, team and my own resolution I was competent to accomplish the world longest hiking of Annapurna circuit trek. It was a grandeur experience and massive triumph for all of them who thought age would be an obstacle,” says Albert” our heroic trekker.

In the long run,once embodies the dream from the summit of Thorung-La and reaching out at Jomsom Muktinath Albert says arrogantly,” I think because of my triumph of 12 days round Annapurna trip, I have done for a witness not just for myself but possibly for the intact trek group in Nepal through Skyline treks and expedition and encouraged other trekking group as well along the way.

So, get inspired through my Annapurna circuit travelogue and make your best effort to jump for adventure trek in Nepal high passes.

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