It’s time to trek North- Langtang trek

It’s time to trek North- Langtang trek – While, the devastating earthquake hit Nepal in April 2015, at a time Langtang region of Nepal (an incredibly admired trekking place to the visitors) was badly affected and gone completely, wherein hundreds of people were wounded and most of they lost their life. This signify that among all the trekking places of Nepal only Langtang area or Langtang valley trek was reduced to rubble. As a result, until the year of 2016 this place seemed desolate where none trekkers make effort to look into Langtang and the peoples abasement.

This might be the frequently happening aftershock of earthquake and avalanche. But, everyone knows that “time is the most potent and powerful” progressively Langtang make up for lost time and munificently few trekkers pay their visit to Langtang ! Their visit to Langtang gives the people wide smile and now they believe that every new day brings with it another chance to their life.So, we have a tremendous exciting message for trek to Langtang valley or trek to Langtang region.

This April we are opening a trek in the mainly seamless,incredibly attractive Langtang region. Through Langtang terrain incredible richness in terms of flora and fauna,for nature enthusiasts and naturalists Langtang region trek is a glory. Due to Langtang region diverse elevations and landscape, Langtang is the only place with Red panda that is no where to be found except in Langtang region and watch over by Langtang National Park, as well Langtang is so-called “valley of flower” for that reason Langtang valley is a botanists trekkers delight.

The entire valley of Langtang is a carpet of colours green, red,blue,yellow. The flower impression of the valley apparently changes every few days. Though, the flowers proliferate in abundance, these flowers are best ever. It is enclosed by mountains with trees. The Pleasant 7 days Langtang trek start from Syaprubesi until at Kyangjin Gompa. In the mean time,Langtang trekking trekkers surpasses the lush greenery,raging rivers,cascading waterfalls and hill side hutments that gives trekkers a unique experience and leaves a profound effect on trekkers.

Trek in Langtang is going to be avidly different experience and Skyline treks will be the first organization to open up Langtang trekking trails to the world. On the multitude of the things we are extremely willing concerning- Langtang trekking season begins this year 2017! Our Managing Director and Senior Trek Leader have moved to the range of Langtang to set things up. Noticeable,majestic views of mountains wait for our trekkers this year!

On our northern slopes of Langtang.

Our trekkers get pleasure from the precede in of autumn in the Himalayas.Through monson taking away last of summer fog, the skies are patent and forests do its finest colour. Observable, autumn is a heavenly season to trek Langtang! The first group of Langtang trek view an entirely different colour of Langtang valley. Trekkers proceed further on and see the sights of aquamarine lakes as well. There is a meticulous movement on this Langtang trek and this will never turn out before.

On the Gosainkunda Lake (Laurebina pass) trek, our entire trekkers summit at the top,4,400 meters of Gosainkunda,this is a enjoyable high elevation walk among pilgrims ( young and old disciple head towards the lake). Trekkers make great time in reaching the summit of Gosainkunda Lake. During autumn trekkers can come down with memories of Gosainkunda Lake trekking in tremendous good weather. With this year’s group, our Langtang with Gosainkunda trek season will end. This will be a beautiful rise that accommodate our trekkers.

Langtang Helambu Gosainkunda trekkers enjoy the bounty of good weather. The trek is extremely well-managed and what is most excellent of the trek is how our professional trek leader encourage a group friendship. Our trek leader and support staff step up very efficiently in a situation that will out of everyone’s hands. The love and care that each each trekker get make the Langtang region trek incredibly memorable!

Trekkers of the new season in 2017 of Langtang Helambu Gosainkunda pass trek will definitely delight in, with some stunning vistas of soaring snowy mountains and glaciers!

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