Gaijatra as classic festival of Nepal

Gaijatra festival in Nepal

Gaijatra as classic festival of Nepal is celebrated as the abode of God and Goddess where abundant of temples and monasteries are found. Being the home of God and Goddess a large amount of people from the nation are immensely involved in every event and festivals as stated by their wills and adherence. Here no one is compelled contrary of his keen and interest so one can participate in any religion and culture that reckon in his susceptibility. Each and every festivals has their own meaning and own time of duration for the celebration whereabouts, Gaijatra factually meaning Gai, denoted as Cow and Jatra denoted as festival and this is celebrated lasts eight days. Singing, Dancing, Distorting, Comedy, Drama and play acting which occur elation and laughter are the preeminent part of this festival. For the period of that year some people who have demised from someone’s family and for his reminiscence someone distinguish himself with bejeweled and dressed of young one’s as cow or ascetics and marched along with mass performing hilarious behavior in the region of city particularly Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. In addition, this frivolous festival is eminent and celebrated in Kathmandu valley by the casts of Nears. In Terai and Madesh region of Nepal from Tharu community this festival is massively and enchant observed and they pay homage to their departed one’s soul. On the Nepali month of Bhadra (August/September) this merriment festival is normally celebrated and many cows are demonstrated like a garland in the street of Kathmandu valley and different kinds of luscious foods are conferred by the others. Throughout, this festival well decorated cows are stride on the road of the cities which seems like cortege and those cows are supposed to be the serene soul of died ones so, this blessed animals helps the gone soul to cross the heavenly ocean in their journey to the next world. Hinduism of Nepal particularly celebrates this festival with their racial culture and religion, in spite of casts, religion and culture before various years some of our clients are mirthfully playing a role with the processionals of the festival which seems Icing on the Cake. On the other hand, Skyline treks and expedition keen on to manage everything to their valued clients for this tempting festival in Nepal.

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