Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal

Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal habitually, Skyline Treks key intend is to grant overwhelming with adventurous trek in the arduous region of Nepal. Despite of endowing illustrious and full amenities of trek, Skyline Treks have been performing for Restricted Area Trek in Nepal. For the purpose of protecting nature, wildlife and the tribal culture from the affects of outer-world some of the areas are enrolled as restricted area via Nepal government. Even though, Skyline Treks sort out on the strength of us to impels our clients so as to approach the restricted area.

To the far side of, tourism is the highest supporter to Nepal’s GDP, some parts of the country is unused and closed for tourists. The restricted areas are strictly forbidden by the government and the branch organs of the government. Therefore, the treks are more monotonous evaluated to the other treks as the travel let itself consumes time followed with official strategy.

It is obligatory to travel with a liaison holder officer and pay for a special permit is formed of a group with not less than 2 people and the requisite staff. The foremost cause behind the restricted areas is to care for the natural and ethnic cultural background from the outer-world influence.

From the time when, the areas are closured to outsiders; it doesn’t have any right of entry to lodges, tree-houses. Therefore, the trekkers entails is well-equipped with tents, cook, and support staffs and much more.

We at Skyline Treks and Expedition have more than 2 decades of well knowledge on carrying out bother free treks to the restricted areas. Skyline Treks is at all the times immensely precaution of everything initial from attaining permit to these provinces to prop up staffs, tents, hygiene foods and medicines.

Fees for our most distinguished trekking packages to the restricted areas-

Before embarking towards the most well liked trekking packages in the direction of restricted areas our cherished clients have to abide by, some prerequisite as fees for those prohibited areas and how much you have to pay it will rely on, on your span of days for the restricted areas.

For a minimum of 10 day treks in the Forbidden land of Mustang usually begins from $500 per week for in letting the vicinity of Humla and Manaslu. You also have to pay for a governmental officer to go with you end to end the trek.

Permits and Formalities
If you are participating your ecstatic trek with the Nepal government authorize and license granted by the government company then you should have to chase some terms and conditions for the trek to restricted areas. Before commencing your trek you certainly have to acquire permits through the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) which will be the most legal key for to unlock your trek access door.

Skyline Treks will be your bestie for all those kinds of procedure for your restricted area trek.
As we have expounded above, trek to restricted area entails soundly arranged as a fully equipped and well-organized trek through a government registered trekking agency. The trekking agency genially affiliated for to grant you a trek permit through a bit of implicating process of applications, guarantees, letters that absorbs up to 2 weeks.

The process for the permit and further documentation itself can only be started only 21 days before the arrival of the trekking group. A trek to the restricted areas is out of question for the single one trekker. Thus, you cannot trek alone in these regions; moreover some areas have a limit on the number of trekkers per season. There isn’t any system of advance reservation now, and no clear sign of what will happen if the quota is reached.

If you’re brooding for trekking in the restricted areas of Nepal then you should have to ensure and keep in contact with Skyline Treks web site address for further queries. Our prime intends is to support you for making plan to the restricted area trek in the best method possible.

Available Packages

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    Damodar kunda Trek

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    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate Himalayan Region. Max. Altitude: 5,190 meters to summit point. Season: March To May & September To December Is Finest.
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