Nepal Rafting

Nepal Rafting – lifting out, treks and expedition the country Nepal is relatively well demanded nation for river rafting. The nation has been occupying numerous parts with fast and furious flowing rivers and those rivers are supposed to be adventurous actions as Rafting and white water Rafting.

These are restoration open-air tricks which use an inflatable raft to steer a river. These activities are frequently done on white water or different progression of violent water and usually a fresh along with confronting situation for contestants. Nepal rafting package entails for cooperation and Conducting with peril is often a part of the experience.

The naturally jewels wear country Nepal is dwelling to some of the highest mountains in the world and profusion of other sky-high luscious hills; bounty of incredible rivers flow through their foothills. These rivers are helm by monsoon rains and melting of snow, on their way to the Great Plains of the Ganges.

We maneuver indelible Nepal rafting trips in these fiercely following rivers- Trishuli River, Seti River, Bhote-Koshi River, Kali-Gandaki River, Marsyangdi River, Sun-Koshi River, Arun River and Karnali River are the attention grabbing rivers of Nepal.

All of these rivers flow through the most vivid landscapes enclosed by snow-capped peaks, blossoming green forests and extravagant villages. Skyline Treks and Expedition rafting packages are habitually united with beach side overnight camping on some of the finest river-side resorts followed up with delicious foods, melodious music, drinks and fun phenomenon.
Separately from the great sense of adventure, white water rafting is a tremendous method to traverse the country side of Nepal.

We at Skyline Treks and expedition put in order awe-inspiring Nepal white water rafting holidays in some of most excellent rivers throughout the year. So, stay connected with Skyline Treks to be a part of this fun-filled and equally adventurous rafting in Nepal.

At length, Your pacification through Nepal water rafting in some of the weird and placid rivers of Nepal would be the company Skyline Treks gigantic achievement and is always adherent for the doting clients.

  • Marshyangdi-River-Rafting

    Marshyangdi River Rafting

    Marshyangdi River Rafting in Nepal is at all times distinguished for Rafting in the speedy following rivers and its enclosed jewels beauty. Those rivers which are relevant for distinction rafting are the apple of eye for the valiant rafters…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 4 To 5 Class Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Sun-Koshi-River-Rafting

    Sun koshi River Rafting

    Sun koshi River Rafting - Skyline Treks and Expedition is the company who is at all the times admirer for the rivers. For the reason, Skyline Treks has been operating numerous of rafting trips in the direction of the Sun Koshi to endow with be on cloud nine moments for the esteemed clients…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 4 To 5+ Class Season: Autumn,Spring
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  • Kaligandaki-River-Rafting

    Kali gandaki River Rafting

    Kali Gandaki River rafting is one of the chief well received River Rafting encircling Himalayan Rivers of Nepal. Kali Gandaki the name is derived from the revered name of Hindu Goddess as Kali…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 3 To 5 Class Season: Autumn,Spring
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  • Trishuli-River-Rafting

    Trishuli River Rafting

    Trishuli River Rafting ‘Opportunity seldom knocks twice’ Skyline Treks meant it that grab the palpable chance to raft on the delicacy of Trishuli River and fell the adventurous moments through your good judgment…

    Grade: Easy Rating: 3 To 3+ Class Season: Autumn,Spring
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  • Karnali-River-Rafting

    Karnali River Rafting

    Karnali River Rafting as far as Skyline Treks and Expedition concerned about Rafting, it is the mixed bag of both venture and amenity of the pristine rivers of Nepal. Despite risks, all the furious rivers are distinguished for rafting and others rivers concerned actions…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 4+ To 5+ Class Season: Autumn,Spring
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  • Seti-River-Rafting

    Seti River Rafting

    Seti River Rafting is soothed along with creepy for those who deserve an adventurous rafting. Seti river rafting is mixed bag of rejoice and delicacy of the encircled…

    Grade: Easy Rating: 3 Class Season: Autumn,Spring
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  • BhoteKoshi-Rafting

    Bhote Koshi Rafting

    Bhote Koshi Rafting - If you’re inspecting some ecstasy and scaring of rafting in the direction of Nepal then we by the side of Skyline Treks and expedition obviously bequeath with a worthy of praise river rafting, that is Bhote-Koshi white water River Rafting for our valiant clients…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 3+ To 5+ Class Season: Autumn,Spring
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