Weekend Getaway to Ghorepani Poon Hill and Ghandruk Trek.

Weekend Getaway to Ghorepani Poon Hill and Ghandruk Trek – The place boasted of blissful grace of nature with lustre of rhododendron trees, benevolence of pine trees and trails that lead to an addictive world of silent existence. Of the narrow trails in sync with harmonious rhododendron,oak and pine trees, the little house abandoned in middle of nowhere, chirping of birds, clouds doing the noisy display, you will think of nothing else but, to reach where the trail ended. This Himalayan trek could be your unplanned weekend spent in the hideous village of Ghorepani, Ghandruk, located few kilometres away from the famous lake city of Pokhara.

Having spent majority of trekkers vacations in Pokhara, possibly you will not crave to go attacking the same place with your soaring wanderlust idea – It is what will push you to explore the twin village of Ghorepani and Ghandruk. A hushed place eminent for Rhododendron trees and their cultivation,from centuries Ghorepani and Ghandruk village have been surprising it’s trekkers as a stairway to heaven with mysterious ritual culture of sundry groups,smashing eight thousanders world highest mountains like Mt Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and terrace farming, it is quite the charm.

How to reach Ghorepani and Ghandruk village?

Trek to Ghorepani and Ghandruk is a wonderful village ruled by fragrance and hues of colorful Rhododendron trees and snow capped ponytail mountains.If you think to pay your visit to this ideal village It is found approximately 80 km away from Pokhara and 280 Km from Kathmandu in the precinct of Annapurna, the best way to reach there is by road . It takes approximately 1 hours by vehicle drive to gain Nayapul from Pokhara by road and your steady 5 days trek kick off from Nayapul by hike towards Ghorepani,Poon Hill and Ghandruk.

We’ll arrange conveyance for our Ghorepani Poon Hilll trekkers to enjoy the road trip more. If you are driving Nayapul, don’t think about to stop by any open restaurant for a cup of tea and thrill to the heavenly poignant view of clouds annoying the mountains. By choice, one can also accomplish using airstrips or deluxe tourist vehicle from Kathmandu to Pokhara.

ACCOMMODATION During the Trek.

End-to-end of Ghorepani Poon Hill trek you can have much easement hotels in heart of Ghorepani and Ghandruk and you can choose to stay there overnight. It is important to reach the hotels before 4 pm to check-in or inform of late arrival in case of advanced booking as the village sleeps faster than people.

If you are planning to trek Ghorepani Poon Hill, we can organize for you to stay in the most hysterical hotel at Ghorepani village which is exactly down to Poon Hill climb. Most of the trekkers decide on to stay at the hub village of Ghorepani overnight so that it is partly effortless to scale the high elevation of Poon Hill (3,210 m). There is a lawn to while some time in peace and enjoy the view of snow clad mountains from top, one should wake up very early in the morning to a golden sunrise.

What trekkers loved about Ghorepani Poon Hill and Ghandruk Trek?

Ghorepani and Ghandruk is a truly paradise village in Annapurna region and not a tourist spot unless you decide to go on an exploration spree like other trekkers did. Climbing the rocky trail, you will truly relish sitting next to the Poon Hilll to catch the majestic view of multiple picturesque mountains. If you are not the settler type neither do you get defame or uneasy in the terrain of Annapurna Ghorepani.

The trekking trail of Ghorepani Poon Hill led to concealed forests and with every curve, it purely get more beautiful. In fact,you will love being a jubilant trekker entering the boundary of a beautiful wonderland guarded by plethora of high mountains; it surely proves that it is a peace of heaven gifted by god .

The sunshine amidst the snowy mountains and trees conjured the trekkers into its charm; For once you will start believing in existence of fairy land but without prince charming. The rhododendron trees hook the trekkers with a feeling of natural pleasing.

The trail to Ghorepani Poon Hill impel to the isolated village on the elevation, one will surely in love by the fantasy of such eccentric journey. During Ghorepani Poon Hill trek trekkers will come close with the laborer working in their field will greet the trekkers with a warm smile, maintaining their harmony against hardship and are smiling despite their lacklustre life. They are an exemplar of why Himalayas of Nepal stand tall and with pride.

The best part of this Ghorepani,Ghandruk trek is reaching the top of Poon Hill at 3,210 meters stuck by prolific abundance and beauty; exhausted trekkers lay down in silence and stared the splendor mountains and as well clear blue skies. Trekkers will understand how peaceful the entire trail is and how lucky they are to be lying down on the high standing Poon Hill wondering at the nature.

In the early morning at Poon Hill trekkers experience so beautiful ambiance, it is all about the sun kissing the high mountains and the clouds getting playful with the mountains. It is a relationship trekkers built with the beautiful Rhododendron dominance, the serene village of Ghorepani and Ghandruk will always stay in trekkers mind, locked in the Pandora’s box with most satisfied compilation.

Eventually,we can say that trek to Ghorepani Poon Hill is a flow of ecstasy”.

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