Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is anticipated for adventure hikers who are forecast trekking in Nepal holidays in the Himalayan area. Trekking Nepal is the most excellent way to know locals, culture and the attractiveness of Himalayan country. In Nepal there are various ways to organize a trek because of two major factors.

Firstly, reasonably priced (by Western standards) specialized and inexperienced person employ is available to carry loads and to work as guides and camp team. Secondly, you can approximately always find necessities and lodging locally because there are people living in even the most isolated trekking and hiking in Nepal.

The numerous achievable ways of trekking in Nepal packages can be categorize into four approaches: backpacking, tea accommodation treks, and self prearranged treks with a best Nepal trekking company. There is a lot of extend beyond among these, because many characteristic of each trekking method spill over into the subsequently.

A backpacking trek that stays a few nights in hotels has many of the attribute of a tea house trek. Trekking in Nepal tea houses with porters starts to become a self-arranged trek. A self- agreed trek that uses the services of a trekking organization in Nepal is related to the trekking company move toward.

  • Dhaulagiri Trekking

    Dhaulagiri Trekking is port of disembarkation to attain monumentally rejoice from the Himalayan region and the irresistible outlooks of several snowy peaks…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Easy To Moderate Max. Altitude: 5258m Season: February - May And September - November
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  • Nepal Pony Trek

    Pony Trek

    Pony Trek keeping in best contemplation, concerning to our esteemed clients Trek, Skyline Treks bring forward an exulting pony trekking in some of the uneven parts with rugged ways of Nepal…

    Grade: Too Easy. Rating: Too Easy Leads To Too Rejoice. Max. Altitude: Elevation of 3,800 meter. Season: March To May And September To December Is Apt.
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  • Tsum-Valley-Trekking

    Tsum Valley Trek

    Tsum Valley Trek the word Tsum has derived from the Tibetan word and it means ‘True to life’. Tsum valley trek is the far-flung Himalayan region of Nepal and is the most confidential treasure of the country…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Moderate Max. Altitude: 35,42 m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Manaslu-Expedition

    Manaslu Trekking

    Manaslu Trekking consistently, bestowing numerous seventh heaven in the company of arduous trek through famed company the ‘Skyline Treks and expedition’. For this new era Skyline Treks put forward a deep-seated trek in the direction of Manaslu…

    Grade: Painstaking. Rating: Moderate Max. Altitude: 51,35 m Season: March To May And September To November
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  • Rolwaling-Trek

    Rolwaling Trek

    Rolwaling Trek the most confronting with infinite of relishing moments through the monumental gateway is the capacious trek of Rolwaling. The trek is east of the Himalayan segments along with the edge of Tibet to the mid Nepal…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Painstaking Himalayan Region. Max. Altitude: 5755 m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Around Manaslu Trekking

    Around Manaslu Trekking is a well-loved trekking route, providing with pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure sum up the trek experience around the 8156m Manaslu…

    Season: Summer
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  • ganesh himal trek

    Ganesh Himal Trekking

    Ganesh Himal Trekking is one of the major profound of life in the province of Himalayan. Not visited often through numerous nomadic in trekking so as to approach of Ganesh Himal Trek…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: Moderate Max. Altitude: 4600 m Season: Autumn,Spring,Summer.
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  • Manaslu Short Trekking

    Short Manaslu Trekking

    The short Manaslu trekking passes through the paddies and terraces of picturesque Gurung and Tamang villages, surrounding rhododendron forests. However, the main goal of our Manaslu trek is to reach ‘Baraha Pokhari, known to be worshipped by Nepalese witch doctors for special power…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 5 Max. Altitude: 5135 m Season: Autumn,Spring
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  • Kanchenjunga-Expedition

    Kanchenjunga Trekking

    Kanchenjunga Trekking to be found in the far-flung eastern border of Nepal, is the 3rd world’s highest and hefty mountain is Kanchenjunga. 8598 meters of elevation have shared the border with Sikkim of India…

    Grade: Moderate Rating: 5 Max. Altitude: 5109m Season: February To May And September To November
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  • Manaslu and Tsum Valley Treks

    Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trekking

    Tsum Valley and Manaslu Trekking has unique environment and exceptionally rich bio diversity which have made this region as the finest tourist destination of Nepal for many years…

    Grade: Moderate. Rating: Moderate Himalayan Region. Max. Altitude: 4,460 meters to summit point. Season: March To May & September To December Is Finest.
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